Devils & Details

Morning all!

Hows it going? So I've been working on something for the past few weeks now. A project showcasing the creative folk and brands that I love and admire. 

I'm still not finished but have been to stoked to keep it under wraps any longer. 

So far I have worked with a surf shapers, grandmasters a chef and mind blowing artists. It has been an absolute honour so far to really get inside the mindsets of all these incredible people. I can't wait to release the next instalment and I'm super stoked to be meeting more amazing people. 

I have also updated my website... Again (I know, I know) and added in a few more works in progress. Please feel free to have a gander and let me know your thoughts. 

As you are reading this, I am currently on the road to Anglesey to meet one of my badass wedding couples. 

I'll touch base again soon. Cheers for reading!


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