Alright chops, why the long face?

So that bearded fellow with the dry skin above is me, Alex Sedgmond. Those lines etched into my face are testament to a life filled with laughter and good times. That and one too many cigarettes whilst my mother wasn’t looking.

I'm known for constantly searching for "that thing" I've seen on the horizon. Whether its physical or metaphorical, I always trust my gut and favour curiosity. Though it may get me into trouble every now and then, I take solace knowing I'll always have a few tales for the grandchildren.

5 Things to know before we meet;

  • I’m always early and usually end up lurking

  • If I muddle my words, it’s because I’m trying not to swear

  • If you have a pet, be sure that I’m dying to fuss them

  • I lose sleep worrying about the small stuff

  • I don’t own an iron… Sorry Mum!