So... How do I work?

 You, me and a camera. It's that simple. I like to hang out with my clients before I even consider taking a photograph. I like to find what makes you tick. What makes you laugh and most of all what you feel passionate about. It's all about building a bond, so when I finally decide to pick up the camera you'll hardly notice.

I'm subtle in my approach, so if you're looking for an overbearing photographer, who demands every bodies attention, I'm afraid I'm not the guy for you. 

People should be people, doing what people do and photographers should be there to capture that. 

For me it's all about the tiny details.That subtle look you and your significant other share. I'm always conscious that everybody is different so every shoot is a one off, it's about feeling the mood in the room and working with it. 

Oh and throwing a few lunges into the mix to get the right angle.