How I Work.

Photography to me is a craft. A craft that becomes an experience rather than a service. An experience in honesty that is shaped through trust. Trust that is built by becoming a part of the subject.

Photography should tell a story.

When it comes to working with a camera, I always start by putting myself in the shoes of those I am working with. How can I go above and beyond their wildest expectations and then some? Where can I offer my best without disrupting the moment? What will make something sentimental rather than just ordinary? 

These are the things that drive me to constantly evolve and make every story unique.

I love working behind a camera. It allows me to embark on the most incredible journeys. Whether it's the wedding of two people, selected by the universe for one another or listening to the history of a craftsperson and their lifelong trade. The camera provides me with a great sense of purpose and allows me to create intimate narratives.

Having your photo taken can often be an intimidating and awkward experience. This is why I will always spend the right amount of time engaging in good conversation with a cuppa, ensuring that those I am working with are truly ready and comfortable. The same applies for still life and landscapes, I'll always wait for the right moment. Be it the best light or when nature throws something wild at us.

My aim is to craft only the best experience, without you noticing I was really ever there.