Honesty is paramount


Alright?! Cheers for swinging by.

So your on a hunt for a photographer.. Gutted! I don’t envy you one bit, there’s thousands of us so I’ll try and keep this short for ya!

I’m not the photographer who will take you away from your guests for hours in hopes of getting that one photo that will go viral. Nor am I the guy who’s gonna rock up in a waist coat and shout demands at you & your guests… That sort of shit drive me nuts.

I’m the potty mouthed, scruff bag who is determined to make you blubber, “I’m not crying, you’re crying”, when you receive your photographs.

Photography should be raw, heartfelt & genuine.

It’s about leaving memories for future generations to cherish.

Photography should fill you with an irreplaceable warmth…

Not a hunger to go viral.

Photographs are the by product of truly connecting with someone & everything they hold dear.