How is everybody? First up I need to do the all to common thing of apologising for not keeping up to date here. I've been busy battling a severe case of man flu, rebuilding this here website, planning projects, getting out in the wild and catching up with new and old folk. 

First up, who ever was unfortunate enough to catch that gnarly bug going around where you sweat and shiver for days while constantly feeling like your skin is going to slide off of your muscles... Shit. I feel for you. The main reason for my silence is because of this said bug. I'm calling it a bug as I'm trying to re-assure myself it was something more sinister than man flu and that I was justified in dealing with it like such a frickin wimp! Cut to everybody just telling me I had a cold. It was more than that maaaaan, you don't know, you weren't there maaaaaan. I'm very rarely ill so when my body decides to chuck me a little fuck you every now and then it does so with a vengeance. 

Enough of that. I'm blogging about being ill... Wow. Really scraping the barrel here Sedgmond!

You may have already noticed that the site is looking a little different to last time. I decided to try and make it a bit more user friendly than the previous one. The traffic has been increasing steadily over the past few months (this makes me feel really pro haha) so in a brash and bratty manner I decided to literally delete my old site and re build it over the course of 36 hours. I listened to Deadmau5 continually, devoured a box of Yorkshire tea and countless cartons of almond milk. I had become delirious towards the end and had started to nod off in odd places. Regardless, I'm happy with the result and hope that you find this place easier to navigate from now on. 

I've been deep in the editing game over the past two weeks. I have more wedding stuff to upload and some more of my own personal projects to show and discuss. Feels like I'm starting to expand my horizons a bit more again which is fairly exciting and inspiring. But I'll come back to that. In other news I shaved my beard off. Why that's relevant I don't know. Felt I should announce it and add a pretentious picture to prove it.



Any way, just felt I should break the silence before posting new work. 

More to follow