So picture the scene. It's roughly five to six on a cold damp Tuesday morning. Despite several alarms going off you still can't bring yourself to get the fuck outta bed. Yeah... That was me earlier this week. I think I had snoozed about five alarms before I finally hauled my sorry ass out of the warm cocoon that was encasing my body.

Instead of sticking to my usual work schedule and editing regime I had planned to catch up with an old friend from the deli Dan or "Dan Motherfluppin-sloth-hop-opotamus" as my phone states. He's the head chef of Milgi and all round good guy. I've always enjoyed his company as he has a level way of looking at things, a love for travel and a mild obsession with David Attenborough. 

We had arranged a few days prior to head out into the wild to explore some routes in a rather fancy AA walking book that he had purchased. Sounds middle aged as fuck but it proved to be super badass and provided us with one of the best god damn wanders I've been on in a long ole time!

Dan had sent me a snap of the route he wanted to walk. A round trip of roughly ten miles that would allegedly take us four and a half hours to complete. Taking in some of the highest peaks of the Beacons and passing a few reservoirs. Like fuck was I turning this down.

Cut to seven o'clock and Dan has arrived to pick me up. Despite my efforts to pack everything the night before I still made us late by fannying with things that turned out to not be needed. Hindsight. Beautiful thing. 

After I finally finished fussing with things we scoffed some peanut butter on toast and headed off. Straight into morning traffic. Excellent. 

After a brief journey and a good catch up we reached a less travelled spot of the Beacons. We parked up in a gravel car park that was littered with huge pot holes caused by the previous days heavy downpours. We grabbed our bags and headed out. It wasn't long until I realised I had done my usual thing of heading out into the great outdoors with someone more prepared. When we reached our first stream crossing my usual "yeah, jeans and boots will be fine" attitude made it apparent I was gonna have cold wet feet all day. 

We climbed up the first ascent into snow. From there we waded our way though deep drifts trying to follow "the path" and not trusting the ground beneath us. We managed to complete the whole route in a proud time of... Don't know... more than four and a half hours. Think it was more six? The snow slowed us down a lot and I think a lot of the time lost was due to me faffing with lenses and trying to frame shots. Below are a few of what I captured. 

Dan was well prepared for poor conditions

I was the token hipster with a camera. Pic courtesy of Dan.

It was nice to get out and stretch the lungs for a bit. Although, If I'm completely honest, my body is wrecked after this. My feet are swollen from wet, ill fitting boots. My shoulders are bruised from having a heavy pack on all day and my legs feel like they used to when I'd over do it on the bike. Serves me right I suppose for "running" up step hills to get shots. Twat.

The ache is definitely worth it as I'm pretty stoked that I managed to break the mould and get out for a catch up. I have some pictures out of it to which is always a plus.

Any way, I must retire to bed now ready for a weekend in the deli. Thanks again for stopping by and feel free to shoot me a message if you fancy an adventure!