Meat & Greek


Picture the scene. You arrive at a family home somewhere on the outskirts of a small town. You knock the door and wait a few awkward seconds until being greeted by a huge smile and welcoming arms. You enter the house and are led through to the kitchen where kilo after kilo of freshly prepared meat is being skewered by a pair of well trained hands. You're then led to an industrial charcoal grill, seconds after you're watching flames engulf everything.

This is Meat & Greek. A shoot unlike any other before. 

As you may already know, I've spent my life in the food industry. I'll always love the atmosphere of being around those preparing food. Whether it's in a small kitchen in a basement, a street food stall or just sat round a fire in the woods. I find when you are in the presence of food being prepared, conversation is always rich and plentiful. Whether it be a deep philosophical discussion or even the height of crude jokes, there's never really a dull moment. Food is almost like a universal language we can all enjoy with one another. It doesn't matter if you are fluent, out of practice or completely clueless. Food breaks down barriers and provides a fertile common ground for fruitful friendships to be cultivated.

Sophie & Lisandros are two complete legends and the brains behind Meat & Greek. They told me of how Lisandros' Greek-Cypriot upbringing would see all the family gathering around a grill and cooking up a storm, to be enjoyed with good wine and outstanding company... No matter the weather. They came up with the idea for Meat & Greek when Lisandros decided to cook for Sophie's family one weekend. Setting up the grill in their back garden and blowing their minds with souvlaki. For those wondering what "Souvlaki" is, it's freshly skewered pieces of either chicken, pork or lamb. All simply seasoned with salt. It's epic. Drizzle a bit of lemon juice over the top when its cooked, you're on to a winner! Needless to say, it went down a storm with Sophie's family. It was during this fateful meal they all suggested he take his culinary craft to the streets of Cardiff. The rest is history as they say.

Meat & Greek is pretty much an all family affair. I've seen them in action during street food festivals in the past. It's all hands on deck to deliver good food and a solid dose of healthy greek spirit. There's laughing and joking aplenty, combined with a warmth that engulfs their pitch. Whether it be the warmth generated from the coals of the grill or from the love in their hearts and food, you can bet your bottom dollar (or pound) that you'll have a blast with them!