Fresh Start

Hello again old friend. 

Its been a while, I must apologise... Again. There's so much to catch up on. I have no idea where to start. Lets start with life... 

Hows life been treating ya?

Life for me since we last spoke has been pretty hectic. So here's what I've been doing.

1. Bought a house with the wife

 We moved out of our tiny little cave dwelling, gate crashed the in laws and finally bought what feels like a mansion in Barry. Although the move was a pretty stressful time what with trying to tie it in with photography projects and working full time hours, we got it done. Both sides of the family chipped in on painting and decorating jobs and as a result we now have a beautiful home... And a distinct lack of teabags. Both Abi and I have our own creative spaces. Abi has her craft room filled with all her worldly possessions, nick nacks and plethora of fabrics. It's wonderful to see her sat in there and being creative again. Then theres my space. Top floor, sound proofed with sea views. Jammy bastard I know. I love it up here (sat in my office/jam room/mancave as I type) moon light blasting through the big windows. I'm currently surrounded by all my shit and numerous empty coffee mugs and to be honest... I wouldn't have it any other way. Its my space to make a mess and not feel guilty about. Well, that is until the creaky stair alerts me to Abi's imminent arrival!


2. Cut my full time work hours

This was my first real decision to commit to photography. Granted it's pretty terrifying at times while you're in between jobs and all you can do is enjoy your new hobby. Oh by the way, your new hobby is obsessing over your bank account. Hoping the numbers magically increase somehow after buying shit. I'm sure there are a thousand and one reasons that could point to the negative. But for now I'm pretty happy knowing that I'm happier and more productive working the hours that I do. Both in the deli and behind the lens. My drive for photography has increased ten fold knowing that I have to do well in order to keep a roof over our heads. Oh and another reason that I've failed to mention, it's been really fun and I love it!


3. Upgraded to full frame

I finally ditched my Sony a6000 and replaced it with a Canon 6d. Why I never did it sooner will always escape me. Instantly I feel more creative with it and what I see in my mind is pretty well interpreted into an image. This is something I really struggled with shooting the Sony. I paired the new body up with a Canon 24mm - 105mm F/4L to begin with. I've always used primes and I must say having a zoom is somewhat of a novelty still. Again it has made me rethink how I frame things. Weirdly I seem to have taken to shooting wider. So much so I decided to get a Sigma Art 35mm F1.4. Suddenly, I'm seeing exactly the shot in my head come through clearly. Finally!!! I realised what I really struggled with using the sony was the fact I was shooting at the equivalent of 50mm all the time. I originally thought, you know, new photographer, nifty fifty... Everyones a winner. No. Fuck me man I find it so limiting. I was forever walking backwards trying to get my shot. Trying to create more space. Put a wall in my way and you were guaranteed to get a hissy fit and a lot of huffing. Now I find I'm edging forwards slightly instead to get the right type of space. As always when it comes to space/zoom I stick to my rule of "better having it and not needing it instead of needing it and not".

4. Gained wedding experience!

Fuck me, I'd been putting this off for a long long time! The thought of shooting weddings has always filled me with fear. Don't get me wrong it's something I've always wanted to get into, just the the fear of the unknown has seen me shying away. My first wedding saw me travelling to North Cadbury to join Claudia (the legend who shot my wedding) and shoot for roughly 10-11 hours?! She was concentrating on video for this particular wedding so I felt a huge responsibility to shoot absolutely fucking everything to ensure nothing was missed! There came a point where I became so trigger happy I had to tell myself to slow down. After a few hours of wandering about and settling in it became second nature. It was an honour to not only work with Claudia but to be welcomed into such an amazing day between a really sweet couple. I'll post some pictures after the couple receive their album. All I can say about weddings is that I have the bug and hope to do more reeeeeeal soon!

5. Gave this site a much needed overhaul!

Hoorah! Eventually finished updating all my images. I'm pretty stoked on how everything flows now. I'd go as far as saying I'm proud of it?! Is that too much? Nah fuck it. I'm taking this one. I'm stoked on this site now. Can't wait to add the wedding section in the not so far future! Yeah I'm going in hard on that stuff!

That's it. Thats what I've been doing. What have you been doing? Drop me a line. Tell me what you'd like to see next. 

As always thanks for reading!