It's that time of year again. It's the season where the weather changes and so does my state of mind. There's something deep within me, maybe an animal instinct?! As soon as the trees start to change colour and shed their leaves my inner workings seem to kick up into a higher gear. I become more creative, I set new goals and generally become a bit more determined. 

With that being said I'll explain a few things so you can get an insight to how I view things differently. Music is a great example. Usually there is a constant drone surrounding me. Be it anything from Black Sabbath or Windhand there is some form of warm fuzz channeling its way down my ear canals. As soon as this season hits everything turns to wood almost. Starts to sound more like the forests that seem a lot more inviting now. I'm transitioning again into softer sounds. Music that if I had to describe it in a scene would be a cold overcast day where the sun cant quite make it through the clouds. Where its that kind of awkward brightness where you wanna wear sunglasses but fear looking like a twat as theres no denying the fact it is still cloudy. The type of day that has a high wind that sways the tops of trees and creates that epic "swuuuursh" sound. Chuck in a bit of dampness and you have whats in my head when I listen to this type of music. It has a type of link that I can't decide whether it's physical or mental (or even nostalgic?!) to being out in the woods and generally closer to nature.  

Here's my top five albums for this time of year

1) Nick Drake - Bryter Layter

This album is a must this time of year. I have spent so many hours wandering the woods listening to this. You could say it was almost the soundtrack to building shelters and fires with my buddy Joe years back. As soon as October hits so does this album.

2) William Elliott Whitmore - Ashes To Dust

Fuck me this album. It moves through so many emotions. I fuckin love it. Truth be told I just love him. He's a straight up, straight talking gentleman who believes in being good to people, working hard and loving your family. He has this no nonsense attitude to everything in life and passes round a bottle of bourbon at his gigs. Guys a fuckin legend! The link will take you to "Gravel Road" which is literally what I was just talking about.

3) Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild

I know this seems a bit cliche but there's no denying the fact that this is a truly fuckin badass album! Need I say anymore?

4) Bon Iver - Blood Bank

Say what you will about Bon Iver, personally I love them. I love how each album has it's own voice. Especially this one. I first started listening to this album back in 2010 - 2011?! These were some messy times and Bon Iver were the music to accompany them. Blood Bank is especially personal to me as its what I used to have on repeat when I first started cycling. 

5) John Smith - Map Or Direction

All who know me will know that John Smith is a bit of a hero of mine. I've met him on a few occasions and still cant help being a bit star struck when talking to him. Map Or Direction was another huge album for me back in 2010ish. It holds a special place in my heart as it contains mine and Abi's wedding song "Another Country". The link above takes you to the making of this album... Trying to find any full albums streams for him is a fuckin nightmare!

I guess its fair to say that this is the type of music you can listen to while wearing a nice thick scarf with your hood up during a long walk. If I'm being honest wearing a scarf isn't really very fitting for my doom image so I figure I should change my music taste accordingly haha!


Managed to get out for a little drive and explore with Dexter on Sunday just passed. We travelled west towards Swansea and then took a junction just after and headed where ever it felt right. We ended up in... Fuckin not a clue where we ended up but we found some pretty mint scenery, including a long road up a hill. You know how I love my epic roads. On reaching the top of this hill we were confronted by some colossal wind turbines. Naturally we stopped and had a mooch around. I didn't shoot half as much as I should have but it was nice to get out and about again as it had been a while!

The next few posts are already in the works. I'm trying to be more pro active and use this blog as more of a diary sort of thing now as well as a progress report thing. I guess this is the next stage in growth as a photographer and blogger etc. Thats sounds really wank after typing. Hopefully you get what I'm talking about though.

Before writing this I had bought a new bike. Bit of a silly move considering I'm pretty fuckin tight on the old money front at the moment but I intend to ride and explore all the beaten up tracks around the local country side while documenting them.

Catch you next time.