A Change Of Scenery

Here it is, the second post in a week as promised

I thought for this one I'd change it up a bit. As much as I want this blog to be about documenting my photography I figured I should post more of my "everyday" life stuff... It's technically all in the same category right?! The past few posts in my opinion have been a bit too serious and more like having a whinge than documenting any thing. Sooooo, to counteract that I'm gonna post some stuff from my trip to Crete.

Crete is bad ass. Before heading to Crete I hadn't been on a hot holiday since I was just a wee whipper snapper. The wife and I we're both worried that my ADHD style behaviour was gonna cause problems. I'm not the best at sitting still for long (or flying it seems). My mind likes to whizz and whir in a frenzy almost every day (add a plane and you have trouble). Concentrating on one thing at a time (like the plane not falling out of the sky) is usually a great task for me as I try to cram far too much into my waking hours. We were worried I'd be like a grouchy toddler with a sandy ass.

Contrary to popular believe I relaxed and did sweet fuck all. So much so I hardly picked up the camera. Usually I find myself hunting landscapes and hawk eyeing potential photos to the point where I'll sometimes miss whats going on around me. This was technically our honey moon so I made a conscious effort not to. Instead I enjoyed some quality time with my beloved wife as we wined and dined like king and queen!

Our Cocktails Courtesy of  Abi's   Instagram   

Our Cocktails Courtesy of Abi's Instagram 

As the first week passed Abi suggested we rent a car and explore the island. I think for the first time ever she was the restless one instead of me! Either way she suggested we get a jeep and go off road... Like fuck was I gonna dismiss this idea! We booked a 4x4 one night and waited a few days to pick it up. Soooo... Originally we booked a Jeep Wrangler with and open back. We we're planning on being that couple. Me with a backwards cap on and Abi standing with her head out the roof screaming with joy at the freedom we had been granted. 


What we booked wasn't available. Instead we we're given a "Dad Wagon" that had a stench of mid life crisis to it. The type of vehicle that has a colour chart with overly long names. Names like; majestic moon titanium. Feather dust grey. Cellist's burnt umber. 

It was a Toyota Rav4

Dad Wagon.

Dad Wagon.

Complete with a sunroof, exceptional lumber support, a convenient sunglasses compartment and an automatic gear box. Yes thats right. A lazy man gear box. All I had to do was steer and sweat. 


Truth be told I actually enjoyed it. Quite a lot. It wasn't as exciting as what we originally planned but we explored the markets in neighbouring towns, visited some ruins and drove up a sketchy mountain with no sides to it. Not to mention learn the most brilliant road etiquette known to man. Drive fast and move to the hard shoulder if some is faster than you. Legendary. Why we waste our money on three lane motorways here will forever baffle me now.

Any way, I'm waffling on now. I will leave you with a few snaps from when we we're away. I'll upload the proper versions to the "TRAILBLAZING&WANDERLUST" section soon.