The Year So Far


Long time no dig. Hope you're doing well. 

First off let me apologise for the lack of posting I've done recently. I've got so many posts that I just haven't finished. 

Dec 21st 2015 - Dec 29th 2015 - Jan 3rd 2016 - Jan 19th

I'm starting again from now. I'm done re-hashing the same old shit over and over again. This is both for the blog and in photography. Its been a weird past few months. Lets catch up.

Since the last post a lot has happened. I've had a lot of ups and a few downs. The positive vibe I was riding closed out on me.  I've resurfaced and caught my breath again. For a while it felt like my head was under water. I stopped going out shooting. Stopped riding my bike. Stopped sleeping properly. Stopped pushing for what I want in life and instead let life push me about.

I've accepted a few changes recently and started getting out with the camera again. Exploring new places and getting lost amongst the trees. 

I've kinda hidden from documenting everything that I've been doing as I have felt like a failure for a while. I had to tell my self tonight that this was meant to be a blog about trying to better myself. Share my experiences and use it almost as an online journal.