Film Results.

As mentioned in a previous post I started shooting film over the past few weeks. What was originally an idea that filled me full of dread actually turned out to be pretty fuckin bad ass and a lot of fun. 

Last weekend the boys and I had an all out photography weekend. Going out taking photos of stuff, checking out diffusion festival (I'll make a post dedicated to this soon) and finishing the week off with a massive fuckin fire up the woods with a healthy amount of beers. 

I'll keep this post short as I am typing this in my kitchen on top off empty pizza boxes at quarter to two in the morning and I've started to question who I am as a human being. 

Anyway, I've taken some photos of photos I have photographed on film to make photographs to take photographs of to post on here... I think. Basically, I had my film developed and I've photographed them to post on here because I'm too broke to buy a neg scanner. 

Some were shaky, most were out of focus and a there were a few that were damn right shite. However, I have to say I will be shooting more film in the future. As I've said before, having to concentrate and limit your shots is surprisingly fun. Then having to wait to go to a shop where some one takes the film canister away for an hour or two and gives you back printed photos... Well thats just straight up witch craft shit. Its definitely a process that could take all my money but deliver great pleasure and excitement at the same time. 

Below are the best of a bunch from my first attempt. Please excuse the shitty yellow tinge on them. Thats from the kitchen light I took the photos of the prints under. The colours of this film are pretty vibrant and bad ass. Sadly though I'm being too fuckin lazy to rectify this yellow tinge before posting as I really should be in bed. Be sure to comment below!