So here it is. My first Blog.

Truth be told. I have absolutely no fuckin clue what I am doing. However, I have an idea. I have allowed myself to listen to the voice in my head that talks to me late at night when really I should be getting into bed and going to sleep.

I often stay up late at night as... I have no reason to stay up, I just refuse to go to sleep because "I have stuff to do". Be aware, I don't have anything to do. Nothing. Its just a habit I guess.

Its at this time of night my mind starts to whir into gear and come up with all these wild ideas and I never write any of them down. I've spent hours standing in the shower or lying on the sofa deep in thought coming up with business plans, projects and dreaming of my future. I often tell myself I can do anything, be anything but come morning achieve nothing. It's slowly driving me insane. I have always had a habit to think big and do nothing. Hopefully, using this blog as a tool this will all change. 

I recently started this site in hopes of becoming a professional photographer. Self doubt and a touch of laziness has ruled that venture out for now. So this is where my latest idea comes into play. 

I will document my journey to success.

Success will be in the form of building confidence in myself and everything that I do and plan. 

I'm bored of constantly feeling like I never achieve anything or see plans through. Recently I learned I am a "Multipotentialite". This means that I frequently find a new interest, become obsessed with it and then lose track when the next big interest comes along. This goes on and on and on and has done since my school days. Its been frustrating as fuck as it has affected my work life and personal life for years. Its probably the main reason I royally fucked up in school, despite my wife's claiming I have ADHD and potentially being"on the spectrum".

There are so many videos, blogs, podcasts and self help sites on the internet. Chances are I've read the same ones you have, adopted their attitudes and tried to pursue a more positive outlook to benefit my life. My honest opinion of these sites... They're a big ole crock a shit. Granted, I'll openly admit that they post some beautifully designed stuff consisting of nature photos with a positive message spread across it in a nice font, but truth is, it does nothing for me. My stubbornness has prevailed once again and I've decided to give all this outside advice the two finger salute.

As of now I will do things my way, think for myself and learn from my short fallings. All the while documenting it here and improving my photography along the way.

Who knows what lies ahead, maybe this will turn into the next big self help site and help you solves problems of your own. Maybe it will become a huge photography blog and all my photos will be featured in all the top magazines. Or maybe it will never see the light of day because, I've become distracted or never quite found the publish button.

All I know is that its the first project thats come to me in my creative hours that I have documented and plan to stick to.