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Pleased to meet ya!

I’m known for dropping swear words into sentences at any given chance and refusing to wash my jeans.

I live near the coast in South Wales and spend most of my days telling stories of love, life & all the bits between… Unless I’m taking time off, then you’ll find me pants eating cereal all day.

Fruit & Fibre for the win!


2015 was the year I married my high school crush after a whole 14 years of “courting”. Jesus I sound like my grandfather. She is my rock, best friend and every cliche you can think to insert here. We live with our two cats Roxy & Rollo and our son Olin Beau, who’s still pretty fresh outta the womb.

Getting married inspired me to ditch my career in hospitality and pursue a more creative lifestyle. It’s pretty good when all the bills have been paid, if not it’s self loathing and panic central… Yay!

I will always favour curiosity & explore the least conventional path.


A few more bits about me:

  • I’m always early and usually end up lurking like a weirdo

  • If I muddle my words, it’s because I’m trying not to swear

  • I don’t own an iron despite my mothers despair

  • Lunges make a regular appearance at shoots

  • So do RuPaul quotes

  • I will insist on fussing any dog or cat that comes into sight

  • My new son regularly pisses on me… Whilst laughing

  • It’s not a booger in my nose, it’s a piercing

  • I’ll work every hour under the sun to over deliver

  • Boots make great slippers

  • Terrible at “About me” pages