Photographer & Dreamer

The best way to describe me is dog-like; Easily excited, scared of thunder & prone to getting lost.

I'm known for constantly searching for "that thing" I've seen on the horizon. Whether its physical or metaphorical, I always trust my gut and favour curiosity. Though it may get me into trouble every now and then, I take solace knowing I'll always have a few tales for the grandchildren.

A Few Things I Believe

  • It's good to be inquisitive

  • Time is worth more than money

  • A lack of grades doesn't mean you're stupid

  • There's no excuse for bad manners

  • Worse things happen at sea

  • Music needs to be louder than my tinnitus

  • Good boots ain't cheap

  • Coffee does not need milk

  • Denim shouldn't be washed

  • I definitely didn't lock the door when I left

  • Lemmy is a legend